GPA 500 金属探测器

GPA 500是经济的替代我们的设备1000 GPa和3000 GPa,同时开发和KTS电子在德国生产.....




The set consists of two devices each with differing gold-seeking methods. The advantages of high performance ground penetrating analyzer technology (GPA) as well as the pulse induction technology for the professional gold and metal detectors for metal discrimination find the ideal use here.

This high performance detector is ideally suitable for gold prospecting as well as for treasure hunting up to a depth of 10 meters (32.81 ft) and applicable on every soil.

The advantages of the GPA 500:

             Measurement of soil changes up to a max. depth of 10 meters

             Compact electronic unit with display to inform about battery condition as well as sensor and calibration values

             KTS 3D software, preinstalled on provided tablet computer

             Wireless data transfer through Bluetooth?

             Advanced pulse induction technology for a higher search performance and a sensitive metal discrimination

             USB stick with software for processing data on other computers

             Simple handling without the need of previous knowledge

The GPA probe measures soil changes, which are caused by gold and all other metals, cavities and non-metallic objects. The 3D ground scanner displays soil changes with the 3D visualisation software and 2D live mode search feature.

With the help of GOLD ID-XL and the supplied gold detector coil gold, copper and aluminum are discriminated in the advanced PULSE mode and displayed as conductivity values.

Electronic unit

The compressed construction, a larger display, plus a modified pulse induction electronic guarantee a higher search performance and an advanced metal discrimination.

Via Bluetooth the GPA system is wirelessly connected to the provided tablet computer. Through the visualisation software soil changes are displayed in 3D and 2D presentation.

Metal discrimination

GOLD ID-XL differentiates gold from other metals and indicates the metal type through the conductivity value. Simultaneously an acoustic metal discrimination by various tone pitches takes place.

Unlike to other metal detectors a constant metal discrimination is carried out. Conductivity value and metal type (e.g. "Gold") are displayed.

GPA probe

The excellent search performance of GPA 500 is reached through high-performance sensors, which are integrated in the GPA probe.

GPA 500 comes with the 48cm (18.8”) universal probe. The probe is attached to an extendible carbon telescope bar and with a weight of only 660 grams markedly light and easy to carry.

25 cm searchcoil

This waterproof 25 cm searchcoil needs no additional adjustments and is applicable to locate particularly small metal items as well as large objects.

Cylindrical waterproof searchcoil

The waterproof cylindrical searchcoil is due to its dimensions of 5 x 20 cm especially appropriate for the search in wells, narrow cavities and under water.


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