GPA 3000 金属探测器

新的GPA 3000 KTS电子有限公司及两合公司是德国专业的地面三维扫描仪的新发展,配备传感器,实现了高达25米(82英尺)搜索性能。

3D土壤扫描仪GPA 3000探测深度的金属,GPA 3000具有检测空腔的功能。空腔探测允许在洞穴和小室中进行黄金宝藏的探测和金属探测和考古发现。同样,采矿公司也使用的3D金属探测器系统,同时也有寻宝者、淘金者、权威人士和考古学家..



Maximum search performance: approx. 25 meters (82 ft)

                               The GPA 3000 is a professional soil scanner, which is developed and produced by KTS-Electronic in Germany.

The latest 3D soil scanner GPA 3000

detects metals in depths, which are not reachable with the best metal detectors. Furthermore the GPA 3000 has the feature to detect also cavities. The cavity detection allows the localization of gold treasures in caves and chambers and detection of metals and archaeological findings. As well mining companies are using the best 3D metal detector system, but also treasure hunter, gold seeker, authorities and archaeologists.

                                                                                              GPA 3000 offers the following advantages:

                                                                                                    Four various max. search performances (10 m, 15 m, 20 m und 25 m)

                                                                                                    Simple switching to other sensors by keystroke, i.e. change of probes is not necessary!

                                                                                                    Newly constructed 1 meter super probe, suitable for finding objects which are located in great depths

                                                                                                    New "GPA Visualizer" 3D Software

                                                                                                    Wireless data transfer through Bluetooth?

Electronic unit

GPA 3000 probes

The large Super probe measures approx. 1 meter (39") in length with a weight of approx. 1,150 grams (2.2 lbs.).

While searching with the Super probe the electronic unit is attached to the top of the probe.

GPA 3000 Software

Metal discrimination

25 cm waterproof searchcoil (10")

1 x 1 m search frame

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